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Eternity Reflections
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Eternity Reflections

Acrylic on Board
20 x 20 Inches

This is a painting made for a private collection.
Title: Eternity Reflections. 2018
Its based on the 1991 artwork I made for the band Dismember.
Title: Like an Ever Flowing Stream.
While this transformative sequel art is not actually an album cover. I felt it belonged more in the Album cover section of the website where it can be compared with its predecessor.
In this painting, we view the same location around 1000 years later. Where civilization has encroached upon the sacred place and built further structures, which have also since fallen to partial ruin and abandonment. I contemplated the etchings of Rome in the 1700s by Piranesi. Antiquated views to us, of both medieval structures built over even more ancient Roman ones.
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